Directions Exhibition

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Headspace – Self Portrait’ has been selected for the Spring Up Gallery Directions Exhibition.

“DIRECTIONS is a small exhibition of detailed work on the subject of maps, plans and directions.” – Sarah Osbourne, curator.

Springup gallery logo - The Colour of Winter
Spring Up Gallery
Exhibition poster
Exhibition poster

It’s entirely hand stitched and measures 74cm x 74cm. From initial design to final stitch it took 19 days to complete. Created on a vintage linen bed sheet and couched in my favourite red embroidery thread.

Directions Exhibition - my self portrait - part of the exhibition
Headspace – Self Portrait
Screen shot from the Directions Exhibition
Screen shot from the Exhibition

My artwork has appeared in previous exhibitions curated by Sarah, the founder of the Spring Up Gallery.

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  1. Congratulations! It seems you are honored in this way frequently, and rightfully so. This work, like others of yours I have seen, is wonderful.

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