Directions Exhibition

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Headspace – Self Portrait’ has been selected for the Spring Up Gallery ‘Directions’ Exhibition.

“DIRECTIONS is a small exhibition of detailed work on the subject of maps, plans and directions.” – Sarah Osbourne, curator.

Springup gallery logo - The Colour of Winter
Spring Up Gallery
Directions Exhibition poster
Directions Exhibition Open poster

It’s entirely hand stitched and measures 74cm x 74cm. From initial design to final stitch it took 19 days to complete. Created on a vintage linen bed sheet and couched in my favourite red embroidery thread.

Directions Exhibition - my self portrait - part of the exhibition
Work included in the Directions Exhibition.
Screen shot from the Directions Exhibition
Screen shot from the Directions Exhibition

My artwork has appeared in previous exhibitions curated by Sarah, the founder of the Spring Up Gallery.

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