Leeds Kirkgate Market AR Exhibition

I’m pleased to announce that “The Sound of the Kenwood Chef ” has been selected for the Leeds Kirkgate Market AR Exhibition (Augmented Reality). The artworks will be available to view Friday May 14th – Saturday May 15th 2021.

Event information can be found on Eventbrite available via this link.

In order to view the exhibition, please download the Overly App onto your mobile phone. Once at the exhibition space, aim your camera at the posters (you can see an example of one below) and press ‘Scan’.

“The exhibition AR art attraction contains eight different artists. People are intimidated by art at times, but many love technology. By combining the two, a fun interactive experience is created to showcase some beautiful pieces of art. How it works? The Overly App is an augmented reality (AR) app that creates an interactive experience of a real-world environment, allowing you to see things through your phone that you cannot see in real life. You go to your phone and open the Overly app. Look at the poster with your camera. Press scan on the overly app. The art work will then reveal itself.” Rhiannon Shaw, event curator, Redesigns.

Leeds Kirkgate Market AR Exhibition Poster
Leeds Kirkgate Market AR Exhibition Poster
The Sound of the Kenwood Chef - exhibiting in the Manchester Sew Social Exhibition
The Sound of the Kenwood Chef

The last year has been a challenging time for sharing and viewing art, hence I’m so happy that this is the second open air exhibition that my art has taken part in.

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