Heimat Project

Heimat Project on Exhibition during Watlington Arts Week

Do you fancy contributing to a wonderful textile project? The Heimat or Home Project was founded by Swiss artist Kathrin Stalder several years ago. It’s an ongoing project and anyone can take part. Kathrin is inviting YOU to get involved and be a part of the art!

“The artwork is a beautiful fabric house which is a constant work-in-progress. It has 100’s of hand sewn artworks from around the world. Each piece acts like a shingle, all expressing their idea of ‘Home’ or where one might feel at home. To get involved, you may hand or machine sew with red thread onto white fabric (16x20cm or 20x20cm) a picture or words (in your mother tongue) which express your feelings of home or ‘safe place’. Remember to include your name and country as Kathrin hand sews everyone’s name who has taken part in the artwork which is exhibited with the piece.”

Please contact Kathrin directly regarding the postal address – she may advise posting your piece to Switzerland or to its current touring location so it could be added to the House.

Kathrin  - founder of the Heimat Project
Kathrin – founder of the Heimat Project

I created my own machine embroidered shingle with memories of Lancashire.

My Embroidered Shingle
My Embroidered Shingle

I popped over to Watlington Arts Week – where it was being cared for by artist Harriet Riddell – to see the House and to pin on my own contribution. I also added a hand embroidered shingle created by fellow textile artist ᎤᏍᏗ ᏩᏯ (Little Wolf) .

Pinning on the Embroidered Shingle
Pinning on the Embroidered Shingle
Heimat Project on Exhibition during Watlington Arts Week
Heimat Project on Exhibition during Watlington Arts Week
Long list of  contributors
Long list of contributors

This is a touring exhibition currently visiting locations in the UK and will soon be onto its next stop in Poland.

Directions Exhibition

Detail: Hand embroidered red thread in couching stitch.

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Headspace – Self Portrait’ has been selected for the Spring Up Gallery Directions Exhibition.

“DIRECTIONS is a small exhibition of detailed work on the subject of maps, plans and directions.” – Sarah Osbourne, curator.

Springup gallery logo - The Colour of Winter
Spring Up Gallery
Exhibition poster
Exhibition poster

It’s entirely hand stitched and measures 74cm x 74cm. From initial design to final stitch it took 19 days to complete. Created on a vintage linen bed sheet and couched in my favourite red embroidery thread.

Directions Exhibition - my self portrait - part of the exhibition
Headspace – Self Portrait
Screen shot from the Directions Exhibition
Screen shot from the Exhibition

My artwork has appeared in previous exhibitions curated by Sarah, the founder of the Spring Up Gallery.