Summer Art Exhibition

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Moors of Home‘ has been selected by the Open Gallery for their Summer Art Exhibition.

This Group Exhibition will take place 25th June – 15th July 2022, at Open Gallery, 18 Rawson Street, Halifax HX1 1NH.

Summer Art Exhibition
Summer Art Exhibition
Summer Art Exhibition Moors of Home| Hand Embroidered Textile Art |21 x 27 cm
Moors of Home| Hand Embroidered Textile Art |21 x 27 cm

The central panel features an extract from the poem ‘Pennine Ramble’ written by Ebron. It was first published in “A Lancashire Miscellany”, a newspaper column featured in weekend editions of the Oldham Chronicle between 1956 and 1959.

The words around the outer border depict a memory from my own childhood of visiting my Grandparents in Stacksteads, Lancashire.

On sunny days they would pack a picnic and say ‘Let’s go up clough’. For me this meant a short walk up the footpath, past the farm with a Border Collie dog and ducks, over the stile and through the broken dry-stone walls, followed by a steep climb up to the clough and the brook where the water flowed fresh from the moors. I’ve spent many summers since sitting on the same rock, under the tree and paddling my feed in the cool water.

Size 21 x 27 cm. Hand embroidered and hand stitched with vintage Sylko thread on cotton cloth Eco printed with leaves and petals from my lockdown garden in Summer 2020. Designed during Spring 2021 UK lockdown.

Moors of Home is part of a body of work about my Lancashire roots.

Lydia Needle – Meet the Artist

A little textile inspiration from my YouTube ‘Meet the Artist’ Collection. Today it features the work of artist Lydia Needle.

Lydia Needle is an eco artist living and working in Somerset, England. In 2016 Lydia started a project focussing on British pollinators, especially bees – named ‘FIFTY BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things’ – a collaborative art project about Britains 275 bees. Each year Lydia makes 50 bees from wool, stitch and vintage containers and invites fifty collaborative artists to make work in response to the ecology of one bee. 

Catch up with Lydia and her stunning artwork at ACEarts. Market Place, Somerton, Somerset.

Lydia Needle’s Artwork:

Handmade needle felted bee
Handmade needle felted bee
Handmade needle felted bee by Lydia Needle
Handmade needle felted bee by Lydia Needle
Part of Fifty Bees
Part of Fifty Bees
Part of Fifty Bees
Part of Fifty Bees

Lydia is available for Workshops & Talks.

Watch this space! – join the mailing list and be first to see some wonderful artist interviews.

Charlotte Pocket Needlecase

top stitching edges

The Saltaire Arts Trail 2022 at Salts Mills, Bradford, was a brilliant weekend and I was delighted to be hosted in a wonderful textile shop nestled within the mill itself – the Stitch Society Shop owned by Charlotte Meek. As soon as she knew I was a stitcher, Charlotte kindly gave me access to her vintage cloth and garment off-cuts so I could start hand stitching a site specific piece as a memento of the weekend – and this included some of the iconic ticking from the shop. This inspired me to create the Charlotte Pocket Needlecase.

Aprons at The Stitch Society Shop
Aprons at The Stitch Society Shop

Before starting the project I played around with several cloth combinations and settled on blue and orange -then introduced some vintage Sylko red thread and vintage haberdashery found at the shop. My plan was to create a large pocket needle case to pin onto my apron.

collecting material ready to st
Collecting together some iconic Stitch Society cloth before stitching

The gorgeous text cloth mark needed a little extra stitching to enhance it.

Edge detail
Edge detail

The piece is embellished with handmade linen and cotton hexagons, a vintage button & handmade red cord, plus the iconic Stitch Society logo.

Pocket needle case using iconic cloth from the stitch society shop
Pocket needle-case

Inside the needle case, orange pages are filled with pins.

orange pages of cloth for pins
Orange pages of cloth for pins

Finally touches – a label on the back of the piece.

back of the work
The back of the piece

Size: 16 x 14 cm and entirely hand stitched.

Thank you to Charlotte for allowing me to use your iconic cloth in this project.

The Stitch Society Shop at  Salts Mill
The Stitch Society Shop at Salts Mill