Edgelands Exhibition

I’m pleased to announce that Summer ’76  and Summer 2022 Part 1 & 2 have been selected by Prism Textiles for the Edgelands exhibition.

The exhibition takes place at The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, London E3 4QY, 19 – 29 April 2024. Free entry.

I’ll be stewarding on the 29th April, so if you’re in London pop along and say ‘Hi!’

Summer '76 part of the Edgelands Exhibition
Summer ’76 part of the Edgelands Exhibition

In 2023 I was honoured to be accepted into Prism and this is the first year I’ll be exhibiting my work with them.

Summer 2022 Part 1
Summer 2022 Part 1
Summer 2022 Part 2 part of the Edgelands exhibition
Summer 2022 Part 2

Our international exhibiting group brings together a diverse group of selected textile artists showcasing high-quality fine art textile practice and craftsmanship from around the world. Exhibiting as a group since 1998, we currently have 70 artists participating within PRISM Textiles, working together to challenge the common misconceptions surrounding textiles as an art form.


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