Linda Izan – Meet the Artist

A little textile inspiration from my YouTube Textile Collection. Today it features textile art by artist Linda Izan.

Linda is a conceptual visual artist. Her work involves many techniques including digital art, photography & embroidery. Linda uses photograms & Photoshop to design her unique cloth. Each piece is then embellished with layers of applique, hand & machine embroidery. Linda explains her design concepts and shares her beautiful work with us.

Linda is a member of Prism and the The Society for Embroidered Work

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“Meet the Artist” Youtube with Linda Izan
textile art, blue velvet and text about the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Art by Linda Izan.
‘Not a Shred’
textile art, blue velvet and text about the death of Jamal Khashoggi
Close up of ‘Not a Shred’
textile art. Image of vats of cooking fat printed onto plush velvet and embroidered to look like planetary systems
‘Solar Bodies’
Sketchbook describing the design process for 'Solar Bodies'
Sketchbook for ‘Solar Bodies’

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