Artist Interview with Aurifil Threads

I’m pleased to announce that a wonderful artist Interview with Aurifil threads has been published. The interview is part of Auribuzz and features a conversation about my involvement in the Unstitched Coif project curated by Toni Buckby.

The project is produced in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The full interview is available to view by following this link.

Artist Interview with Aurifil Threads
Artist Interview with Aurifil Threads

Embroidery is such a timeless craft that intricately weaves stories of tradition and innovation. Today we are thrilled to share Catherine Hill’s remarkable journey with the Unstitched Coif Project. Catherine’s background is steeped in creativity, from her childhood fascination with stitching to her award-winning textile artwork. However, it was her involvement in the Coif Project, spearheaded by Toni Buckby, that truly ignited her passion for historical embroidery.

We had the opportunity to connect with Catherine and delve into her rich background in textile art, as well as her significant role in the Coif Project. We’re excited to share her insights and experiences with you, and we hope you find her story as captivating as we did.

Extract - Artist Interview with Aurifil Threads
Extract – Artist Interview with Aurifil Threads

The coif panel was hand stitched in a rainbow of 12 weight Aurifil cotton threads.

A coloured bar of threads was stitched to the panel and a small hank of threads was also attached to the panel with a safety pin.

It was an honour to be part of the Coif project.

Full information about the project can be found on the Unstitched Coif project website

Thank you to Claire at Aurifil for creating this beautifully produced article.

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