Helmshore Cotton Mill – Video Diary

A trip to Rossendale in Lancashire means many things to me.  It’s a place where I feel at ‘Home’. I catch up with my family and now and again I revisit aspects of the industrial heritage and it’s textiles stories that had sparked my love of textiles, many years ago.  I remember family tales from the Cotton Mills – of clogs sparking on cobbles, the Mee Mawing Language of Weavers and my great-aunt explaining how she used to thread a shuttle.  Helmshore Cotton Mill is one of the last remaining Mills in the Rossendale  Valley where you can truly experience the full glory of original machinery in working order.

Helmshore Cotton Mill is one of the last remaining Mills in the Rossendale Valley
Helmshore Cotton Mill is one of the last remaining Mills in the Rossendale Valley

This video is from a recent visit and shows some beautiful working Carding, Roving  & Spinning machines. It’s noisier than you might think!

A little bonus for you are the fabulous Fulling Machines showing how Military Wool Cloth was made.

If you have memories or family stories from the Mills, I’d love to hear them. Please share them below.
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Kaffe Fasset & Candace Bahouth Exhibition – Video Diary

Autumn is fast approaching and that ‘preparing for winter’ feel has kicked in. I’ve been thinking of indoor textile projects to work on in the studio and I’ve been reviewing some of the footage I took over the wonderful Summer we have had. The Kaffe Fasset and Candace Bahouth exhibition has left me with such wonderful memories. Everytime I think of it, my first thoughts are of the vibrancy of colour, then I think of texture and reflecting light.

Having caught up on a little I.T. housekeeping, I rediscovered some footage that I’ve put together to share with you.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this exhibition as much as I have. Please let me know your thoughts.
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Contemporary Craft Festival 2018, Bovey Tracey – YouTube

The recent heatwave has provided a perfect opportunity for me to catch up with a little housekeeping. Not the domestic kind but a bit of computer housekeeping.  I’ve tweaked and organised some photos and rediscovered some video footage from The Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey.  So after a little editing I’ve put together this rather jolly video diary to share with you.

I regularly receive questions on Instagram, about the artists I meet on my travels and how to contact them. Therefore, at the very end of this video I’ve included a selection of wonderful artists along with their contact details.


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Coming up – YouTube from Mister Finch ‘The Wish Post’ Exhibition.