Sue Nicholls – Meet the Artist

A little textile inspiration from my YouTube Textile Collection. Today it features the beautiful English countryside, captured in stitch, by artist Sue Nicholls.

Sue lives in rural Hertfordshire and uses her sketchbook to document her local landscape. Each image is a source for her stunning machine and hand embroidered art works. For instance, her depictions of snowy furrows and hedgerows, recreated in wool felt and thread. 

Similarly, the large tree scapes were created from drawings of Gunby Hall and Gardens estate, a National Trust property.

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Sue is a member of The Society for Embroidered Work

Embroidered Landscapes  - a wall of embroidered art work in a studio
Embroidered Landscapes in Sue’s Studio
Embroidered Landscape
Embroidered Landscape
Work in progress - paper design ideas of trees by Sue Nicholls
Tree designs for Gunby Hall by Sue Nicholls
Work in Progress by Sue Nicholls - and embroidered landscape being machine stitched on a Bernina sewing machine
Work in Progress
sketch books showing art and sketches in black and white of ploughed fields and trees
Sue’s sketch books – ploughed fields and trees.

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