Rust Dyeing

Sunny days create a perfect opportunity for some rust dyeing.

Box of Rust

A box has been slowly filling up with rusty bits n bobs, some of which came from beach combing at Aldeburgh.

Bags full of fabric scraps, vintage bits and pieces of plain cotton were waiting, ready to dye.

rust - dyeing fabrics

rust - dyeing fabrics with rusty objects

Bits and Bobs

A lot of fun can be had with a bit of fabric, rusty junk, good plastic bags and some supplies from the kitchen (water and vinegar).

rust - using string


rust - dyeing fabrics in a bundle


rust - dyeing fabrics in a bag


rust - dyeing fabrics with rust objects
Some of the newly dyed textiles will soon find their way into a future project.

Have you been inspired to have a go at dyeing? Share your thoughts below.

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