Art in Action 2014

Art in Action is a four day event that showcases the talents of professional artists in marquees dedicated to their chosen genre of work.

My favourite marquees to visit are always ‘Textiles’, ‘Illustration & Calligraphy’, the ‘Market’ where goodies are for sale and this year another favourite of mine was the ‘War Artists’.

Other forms of crafts are demonstrated too, including painting, ceramics, wood, glass, silverware and jewelry.


As usual, I spend the best part of the morning in the Textiles tent.

Here’s a selection of the artists and their work.

Hand stitched work by Ellie Evans  

Art in Action - Hand stitched work by Ellie Evans  

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A New Philosophy – Playing with Dye.

The recent sunny weather provided the perfect opportunity to dye and dry in the garden.

I have a basket of scraps, garments and some unfinished stitchery projects that need a make-over. My solution is to over-dye them.

Ready to Dye?

All you need is a Dylon Procion Dye, 500 grams of salt and a washing machine. The whole process is very therapeutic. Here are the textiles before they were dyed.

My aim was to unify the pattern and textures into one colour palette.

shirt ready to over dye

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