When Rust met Lucet.

I love any opportunity to use a Lucet.

As part of a recent rust dyeing session, I dyed a lovely bundle of vintage cotton string from the Arnold’s Attic stash.

Rust and Lucet

This lovely rusty string came in very handy for some co-ordinated cord I needed for a new rust project I was working on.

I dusted off my Lucet and went to work making a batch of braid.

Lucet and string

Lucet and string


After an hour or two I’d made a small ball of braided cord.
Working with this tool can be rather addictive. It’s a brilliant gadget to use when you’re after something mindless to do in front of the TV or on the train.
There are lots of uses for these braids. I use them in applique or as draw strings. Have you found a different use for them? Share your thoughts below.

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