Rust, Rust and more Rust…..

Salty sea air and metal are a perfect combination to create the most stunning specimens of rust, especially if the surfaces are painted!


On a recent trip to Aldeburgh, I found lots of opportunities to photograph rust in it’s many forms. On a trip earlier in the day, I’d found some old irons in a vintage shop, but it was the weathered metal  on the beach that really sparked my imagination.

Rust on the beach

Rust on the beach - metal chain

Rusty Tractor

Each day, this rusty tractor pulls the fishing boats in and out of the sea.
It’s exposed to the elements and the salty sea spray,  making the perfect conditions for making rust.
Rust on the beach - metal tractor


Rust on the beach - metal tractor grill


Rust on the beach - metal tractor tracks


Rust on the beach - metal tractor tracks

Winding Gear

This working beach is full of machinery. It may be rusty, but it’s in full working order.

Rust on the beach - metal cable


Rusty Gears on machinery are perfect inspiration for my future textile projects. The large gears and rusty cable would be perfect for a little  dyeing,  whilst the surface textures and colours I can see in a piece of wool felt.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? Share your thoughts below.

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