Art in Action 2014

Art in Action is a four day event that showcases the talents of professional artists in marquees dedicated to their chosen genre of work.

My favourite marquees to visit are always ‘Textiles’, ‘Illustration & Calligraphy’, the ‘Market’ where goodies are for sale and this year another favourite of mine was the ‘War Artists’.

Other forms of crafts are demonstrated too, including painting, ceramics, wood, glass, silverware and jewelry.


As usual, I spend the best part of the morning in the Textiles tent.

Here’s a selection of the artists and their work.

Hand stitched work by Ellie Evans  

Art in Action - Hand stitched work by Ellie Evans  

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Making Paper – Elephant Dung, Shredded Bank Notes & Wimbledon

What do Elephant Dung, Shredded bank notes and Wimbledon all have in common?  Frogmore Mill  has been making paper for centuries and it’s most recent products, which are all manufactured on site, now include some of these ‘extra materials’.

If you know me, you’ll understand by now that I’ve confessed to one addiction – I adore anything textiles.

It’s confession time. I love paper too, in particular little note books, and own way more than I should do.

Mill Shopping

The Mill is just down the road from me, hence from time to time I find my self drifting in for new supplies to use in my new Embroidery Course.

making paper with elephant dung

The paper is available in various weights. Some paper I use for mounting design work, although I rather like the thicker papers for sewing into. 

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Rust, Rust and more Rust…..

Salty sea air and metal are a perfect combination to create the most stunning specimens of rust, especially if the surfaces are painted!


On a recent trip to Aldeburgh, I found lots of opportunities to photograph rust in it’s many forms. On a trip earlier in the day, I’d found some old irons in a vintage shop, but it was the weathered metal  on the beach that really sparked my imagination.

Rust on the beach

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