Sewing and vintage …. I love, love, love….

As soon as I enter a vintage or charity shop, my eyes are drawn to anything sewing, vintage.  I find sewing and vintage are the best combination.

Vintage Hunting

Inspiration is everywhere…. decals, rusty irons and a child’s pram….
Vintage find - old mother's hubbard

Vintage find - irons
Vintage find- pram

Vintage textiles

Since the workshop with Tom of Holland,  I’ve kept my eye out for some more small projects to add Swiss Darning and Repair onto.
I was drawn to these vintage woolen garments on the dolls.
Vintage find - dolls
Where would an embroiderer be without an opportunity to restock her  stash of coloured vintage threads.
Vintage find- embroidery threads in a cigar box

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