Sea, sand and chips

My favourite thing to do at any time of year, is to visit the sea, sit on the sand and eat fish and chips.


A holiday to the quaint English seaside town of Aldeburgh is truly rewarding. My cravings for fish, chips and ice-cream are completely satisfied and my mind is cleared by the fresh sea air…. lots of beach combing to be had too!
sea at Aldeburgh

Aldeburgh chip shop

On the Sea Front

Aldeburgh is an historic town. I’ts locally known for its fishing and it’s fabulous smoke houses, who smoke fish daily and sell to from a hut adjoining the smoke house.

Aldeburgh smoke house
Aldeburgh smoke house

Beach finds

After a large portion of fish and chips, I  love to wander along the beach. There’s drift wood everywhere, just waiting to be turned into a new mixed media project.

beach and sea at Aldeburgh - boat
beach and sea at Aldeburgh - old bucket
I find inspiration all around. Whether it’s a weathered, painted boat or a child’s missing bucket.
Aldeburgh is a super place to visit especially when I can also get a little vintage shopping done too!

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