A Letter in Mind 2020

A new embroidery for a new exhibition. I’m pleased to announce that my work has been accepted for A Letter in Mind 2020. The exhibition will take place at the Oxo Building, Oxo Tower Wharf, London. It will open to the public from 5-8 November 2020 11-6pm. Free entry. Every piece of art is for sale on-line with the proceeds going to the National Brain Appeal. This is the first time any of my art will be for sale.

To book a time to visit or to purchase a piece of art, visit https://www.nationalbrainappeal.org/get-involved/a-letter-in-mind/

A Letter in Mind 2020- Envelope on an easel stating "I'm taking Part''. Pstmark with November dates of the Letter in Mind Exhibitions
A Letter in Mind

“A Letter in Mind has gone from strength to strength and this year they are supported by a number of internationally-renowned creatives including Zandra Rhodes, Chantal Joffe, Mark Dion, Morag and Ishbel Myerscough, Billy Mundy, Tim Hopgood, Polly Dunbar and Chris Riddell, to name just a few.”

The concept behind the exhibition is that the work should fit into an envelope of your choice. You can browse work from previous exhibitions in the online gallery.

I’ll share an image of my piece in a week or so. All the work is sold anonymously – ie. you’ll discover the artist once the work is purchased. I think you’ll recognise my artwork.

—– here’s a little something about the design —“Take Time to Smell the Roses – Covid-19” is a very personal piece. It was created during lockdown and features hand embroidery, stitched onto vintage cotton. The size is approximately six inches square and based on an award winning design from 2019.

I kept myself busy during Lockdown 2020, gently simmering rolled-up bundles of cloth and leaves. The fruits of my labour included a piece of fabric selected for this particular project. All the leaves were harvested this summer from my own garden —-

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