Open Door Exhibition 2020

I’m pleased to announce that my work will be on display at the Open Door Exhibition 2020 in Berkhamstead from the 21st November to the 9th January. Free entry. For more information please follow this link. This will be the second piece of my work on display this November 2020. To read how I created this piece please check out this previous post.

Open Door Exhibition 2020 - An embroidered textile art piece in red thread on white cloth, displayed on a cheese grater. An embroidered artwork based on my Mum's own recipe - a childhood favourite of mine.
Lancashire Cheese and Onion Pie
My Mum’s Baking – Cheese and onion pie


The exhibition has moved on-line due to Covid 19 restrictions.

January 2021 - Cheese and Onion Pie in the on-line gallery
Screen Shot January 2021 – Cheese and Onion Pie – Open Door on-line gallery

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