I am dotty about my scarf!

Dotty and textiles are my perfect combination.

I slept like a baby the evening of the felt workshop. Although the felting process is a very physical one,  I had forgotten how tiring it is to think on your feet and make design decisions fast as part of the creative process. The felt scarf took a day to make and I absolutely love the result. Especially wearing it with my lovely vintage ‘linen’ brooch.

Dotty felt scarf
Handmade silk, wool & textiles scarf
with one of my hand-stitched brooches

Dotty felt scarf with hand made 'love' broochDotty felt scarf with hand made 'love' brooch


Dotty and Soggy

The scarf was a joy to make.
I made up the dotty design as I went along and I think it worked. There is something very satisfying about working with fibre, fabric and making a mess with lots of water.

Dotty felt scarf being madeDotty felt scarf being made

The original size of the scarf was so long, it hung over both ends of the six foot table I was working on…. after felting the scarf was a third smaller in both directions.

At the end of the day I took my scarf home to complete the final tweaking (after a good nights sleep).

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