Saturday, 13 May 2017

Flea Market Shopping in Brussels

Morelles Market at La Place du Feu de Balle is open everyday 5am-2pm and well worth a visit.
It's a good old fashioned flea market selling bits and bobs from house clearances.
It takes a keen rummager to find the treasure so allow yourself a good few hours to browse.
As for prices, I love a good haggle - I managed to haggle down to around half of the original price, only paying what I felt it was worth.  
There's everything from furniture, ceramics, jewellery, paper ephemera and of course textiles.
Two stalls had boxes of chandelier crystals.
A receipt for macaroons dated 1938
These goodies came home with me.
This book is full of vintage wooden matchbox covers.
The tiny piece of film - the kiss.
I ran out of small bank notes early on and had to buy a coffee at Pin Pon (fabulous bar decor!) to break into another large bank note - note to self: take plenty of change and small notes next time. 
I arrived at 8.30am and by 11am some of the stall holders were offering 'anything for a Euro'.
It's a brilliant place with plenty of cafes dotted all around the square. Good food at good prices so you can rest your feet if it all gets too much.  
It's a traditional Belgian Flea Market with an absolutely, fabulous atmosphere. 
I'll be returning on my next visit to Brussels with a much larger suitcase


  1. Absolute heaven and hell haha
    Lynn xx

    1. The best kind of heaven and hell ;)
      I love it!
      Katie xx


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