Corsets, Bustles and Lace – Vintage Fashion in Bath

Whatever the weather, there’s plenty to do in Bath.
Me and my chum had been planning a day out in Bath for ages and we’d hoped for some glorious sunshine. On the day we visited it was cold and raining, but that didn’t curb our enthusiasm for a fabulous day out. After lunch in Cafe Lucca we went rummaging around the streets looking some for vintage shops and found the most wonderful Vintage to Vogue, tucked away down an alley, and very close to the Fashion Museum
After another cup of tea (we like our tea), we popped into the Fashion Museum for some more vintage treats. Lucky us! There were two exhibitions on – the History of Fashion in 100 
Objects and Lace in Fashion. Here’s a browse through some of the treats we spotted on our visit. 
Gorgeous garments dating from the early 1600’s onwards.
All hand embroidered and hand stitched.  The workmanship’s breathtaking. 

Dresses from the Georgia Period in the 1700’s.

These Muslin dresses of the 1800’s.

A beautiful printed cotton day dress dated around 1860.
An embroidered Dolman – part coat, part cape, dated 1870.
A gorgeous, embroidered silk bodice and skirt dated 1865. 
Fabulous vintage ‘fashion on a ration’ 1940’s pieces.

The Lace exhibition was a smaller curated selection of the most exquisite pieces, ranging from historical to contemporary catwalk couture. 
Examples of bobbin lace, tatting, crochet and many other forms of lace are on display. 
I never knew there was so many forms of it!
  And to finish. 
I fell in love with this little number from Alexandra McQueen.
 If you’ve enjoyed my edited highlights, then pop along to see the other beauties on offer – vintage embroidered gloves, tiny shoes and there’s also some lovely outfits you can dress up in too!

2 Replies to “Corsets, Bustles and Lace – Vintage Fashion in Bath”

  1. Hi Katie
    We have been in the vintage to vogue shop in Bath, it's a fabulous shop. To pricey for us but definitely worth a visit. The videos are great, thanks for including them in your post.
    I was thinking of you yesterday while at a friend's house in Wardle on a stitch workshop. Her name is Marie Coulman and she worked at Wardle High at the same time as Meg Starkey.
    Thanks for a great blog post, loved it
    Lynn xx

    1. Hi Lynne,
      So nice to hear about stitching and Wardle! It's always wonderful to hear news from my home. Although I'm unfamiliar with the names, it's wonderful to know about new stitchery friends up North. 🙂
      Thank you,
      Katie xx

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