Sewing with Jessie Chorley

If you’re looking for an amazing, creative reboot, then I can heartily recommend a  workshop sewing with Jessie Chorley. Her work is stunning. Handmade and hand stitched. Jessie brought along some goodies from her London shop.

Work by Jessie Chorley
Hand stitched by Jessie
Jessie's templates
Jessie’s templates
Hand stitched by Jessie
Hand stitched by Jessie
I had a brilliant day. The class was held at my local Embroiderers’ Guild and was designed around making a Pin & Needle case that could be worn as a brooch.
Buttons and cloth - Sewing with Jessie Chorley
Buttons and cloth
As usual I took the idea and added my own twist, making a larger piece that could be worn on an apron pocket – starting with a colourful, vintage handkerchief.

The start of my project- Sewing with Jessie Chorley
The start of my project
Kantha and Couching
Kantha and Couching
Show and Tell
Show and Tell
A brilliant day with stitching friends – sewing, chatting and sharing sewing ideas – with a bonus of lots of stitchery homework to keep me happy tomorrow. What a perfect day sewing with Jessie Chorley.

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    1. It was a super day. Your ears must have been burning. I said I'd given you one of the sewing kits from her open day last year and it clicked with her who I was talking about – she thinks you are wonderful, and your DH is so, so stylish. Katie x

  1. Thanks for this great post, i find it very interesting and very well thought out and put together. I look forward to reading your work in the future.

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