Hand Embroidery Samples 5… Back Stitch

Back stitch crops up many times in my work. I love it but have never experimented with it. This was a fantastic opportunity to play with the stitch varying its length and overcasting it with thread.
This is a sample of Back Stitch on Irish Linen using threads including DMC stranded embroidery thread, Appleton Crewel wool, hand dyed linen, Perle cotton and linen/flax.


The sample I experimented with was created on thick brown paper/card – which I thoroughly enjoyed. The paper was machine stitched onto calico before being mounted into my embroidery hoop ready for stitching.
The threads used included variegated wool, DMC stranded embroidery thread, Sylko 50 wight cotton sewing thread, Madeira Aurora Borealis, Tudor Twist and linen.
One thing I learned was that piercing the paper with ‘stitch holes’ makes life a lot easier.


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