Making Paper – Elephant Dung, Shredded Bank Notes & Wimbledon

What do Elephant Dung, Shredded bank notes and Wimbledon all have in common?  Frogmore Mill  has been making paper for centuries and it’s most recent products, which are all manufactured on site, now include some of these ‘extra materials’.

If you know me, you’ll understand by now that I’ve confessed to one addiction – I adore anything textiles.

It’s confession time. I love paper too, in particular little note books, and own way more than I should do.

Mill Shopping

The Mill is just down the road from me, hence from time to time I find my self drifting in for new supplies to use in my new Embroidery Course.

making paper with elephant dung

The paper is available in various weights. Some paper I use for mounting design work, although I rather like the thicker papers for sewing into. 

making paper with shredded bank notes
Paper made from Shredded Bank of England Notes
making paper with elephant dung
Paper made from Elephant Poo
making paper with wimbledon grass cuttings
making paper from Grass Cuttings from various sites in London, including Wimbledon and St James’ Palace

Mill Tour – Making Paper

Although a visit to the shop is a must, its certainly worth booking a tour around the mill to see the original paper making machinery in action.

Frogmore Mill
Frogmore Mill
Frogmore Mill
I think I have enough paper to be getting on with, although I know it won’t be long before I’ll be back for more.
Are you a paper addict too?  Share your thoughts below.

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  1. My granddaughter bought me a notebook from Longleat made with Rothschild’s giraffe poo. I would like a gift for a friend who loves everything natural. Can I get this from you or Longleat?

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