Micheal Cummings – Meet the Artist

A little textile inspiration from my YouTube ‘Meet the Artist’ Collection. Today it features the work of artist Micheal Cummings.

Micheal is considered America’s leading African American male quilter, with an ever-expanding influence on the current generation of quilt artists.  Each piece is created from appliquéd pieces of old and new cloth before being embellished with buttons, beads and stitch.

Catch up with Micheal and his stunning artwork at the Festival of Quilts 2022.

Micheal’s Artwork: https://www.michaelcummings.com/

Patchwork quilt by Micheal Cummings featuring musicians
Artwork by Micheal Cummings

He began experimenting with collage construction in 1973 and soon moved on to fabric collage compositions, using appliqué techniques. He devotes his time to research in African American culture and quilt making, translating this history into narratives within quilts.  

Artwork by Micheal Cummings
Artwork by Micheal

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