Monday, 28 April 2014

What kind of Stitcher are you?

Hand embroidery and free-motion quilting are forms of stitching that I tend to revert back to time and again. In the case of free motion quilting, I try to make a stitch that works for me and one that comes naturally.

In all the years I have taught Machine Quilting, I have noticed that one tends to be a 'angular, zig-zag' person, a 'wiggly, irregular' stitch person or a 'spiral,wavy' person - it all depends how your arms, shoulders and brain work together..... you are what you are.

It took me quite a few years of quilt-making to accept, not fight it anymore and be very content with being the Spiral and Wavy girl that I am. Subsequently I now understand my constant fascination with spirals, knotting and how forms overlay and cross one another.

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