Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Alexandra Palace........ inspiration from a by gone era....

I am sure you have heard of or have visited Alexandra Pale in London.... the first home of BBC TV. 

Recently the Palace have been running behind the scenes tours, explaining the history and development of the Palace from conception to what we know today.

Here are some behind the scenes at the lesser known  Victorian Alexandra Palace Theatre  which is in a state of decay .... I had to share the fantastic paintwork with you.....the patterns, painting paint and decor are a joy to see....

Original woven carpet from the entrance to the theatre

The ceilings are held reinforced with timber to protect it from falling down.

 Upper gallery and all the walls are covered in Trompe l'oeil

Part of the basement was turned over to housing a 'camp' in WW1 for interned civilians. There are plans afoot to open this to the public during the time of the WW1 Centenary.  

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