A Patchwork Quilt Revisited

My home is full to bursting with a patchwork quilt or two.

I’ve been a patchwork and quilter for over twenty years.  There are so many projects stashed away in my home that I sometimes forget just what I’ve made.

Scrappy Patchwork Quilt

If you’ve ever meet an avid patch-worker, you’ll probably know that somewhere in their home, lives the biggest pile of large bed quilts you can possibly imagine.

Well it’s the same in my home.

For over ten years, I worked in a Patchwork and Quilting shop, making quilt samples for the shop and samples for my own workshops too. Hence, my ‘pile’ is slightly bigger than most.

patchwork quilt made my Catherine Hill from Arnold's Attic

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A Special Pincushion – Something I cannot be without.

A pincushion is a staple part of any Stitcher’s kit. Yet for me there is one very special pincushion that I hold dear to my heart.

Precious Pincushion

There are several objects in my sewing room that mean a great deal to me, but there is one thing that means the world to me.  I use it every day.



This was made as a gift for me, by my beautiful daughter when she was aged 6….. she is now 21 and I love it….. my very own caterpillar pin cushion.

Do you have a special sewing item or vintage haberdashery notions that you cannot live with out? Share your thoughts below.