The Pigeon Post

I’m pleased to announce that Summer ’76 will appear in the first issue of The Pigeon Post, launching on the 25th June 2022 at the Margate Zine Fair, Elsewhere, 21-22 The Centre, Margate CT9 1RL.

The Pigeon Post - red hand embroidery - words sharig memories of the drought of 1976
Summer 76

“The Pigeon Post is a double-sided A4 newsletter for spontaneous, everyday writings. In ode to the carrier pigeon, the newsletter aims to bring about a slower cross-pollination of ideas in a fast moving world of the digital age where creatively can sometimes slip between the cracks of its existence. This newsletter is free and will be distributed around Margate in local cafes, pubs, galleries and shops to be found by a curious reader.”

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