Alone Together Exhibition

I’m pleased to announce that “COVID -19 Part 1” has been selected for the Alone Together Exhibition. The exhibition can be viewed online throughout Spring 2021 via the Gallery website.

Alone Together exhibition poster
Alone Together Exhibition poster
Alone Together Virtual Exhibition Space
Alone Together Virtual Exhibition Space

Screen Print - Covid-19 Part 1 in the exhibition space
Screen Print – Covid-19 Part 1 in the exhibition space
Screen Print - Covid-19 Part 1 in the exhibition space
Screen Print – Covid-19 Part 1 in the exhibition space
Exhibition Artists - Alone Together Exhibition
A selection of the Exhibition Artists
Covid-19 PArt 1 - part of the Alone Together Exhibition
Covid-19 Part 1

“Covid-19 has isolated the public more than ever. The concept for this project was to document the societal shift due to Covid-19 and examine if and how the public opinion on social sustainability had changed due to the pandemic. I believe it is necessary to reflect on what we have been through and to have a virtual ‘space’ to come together in the midst of the struggle. This exhibition has been named ‘Alone, Together’ because of the unity we have found amidst the isolation.

The exhibition aims to document experiences of Covid-19 and lockdown, gathering a range of outlooks and responses of these events from a wide range of people. Gathering work from varied ages and backgrounds- anyone is welcome to take part. I hope that this exhibition can bring people together, create a community, and demonstrate that even though we are all navigating uncertain and difficult times, the unity we have found is one amazing takeaway from this experience.

Please explore the website to view the full exhibition and get some exposure for the wonderful artists exhibited. Feel free to share! Happy exploring!” The exhibition and website were designed and built virtually by Shannon Skye Robinson (Curator).

3 Replies to “Alone Together Exhibition”

  1. Thanks for posting this fabulous exhibit. I looked at all of the amazing artwork and enjoyed it immensely. I think our covid experiences are similar world-wide and I shared experiences and thoughts with so many of the artists represented in exhibit. Congratulations for being included in the exibit.

    1. Thank you Sue. Alone-Together is a stunning exhibition and a wonderful setting for showcasing artwork.
      Thank you again and I’m so glad you enjoyed viewing it.
      Katie x

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