Vintage Finds and Inspiration

For me, a shopping trip to any vintage shop is a time for inspiration and an opportunity to think creatively about texture, colour and style.

Vintage Inspiration

Every box or shelf holds the key to the start of a new project,  just like these black and white  zig-zag lines which caught my eye.

Inspiration zig zag lines

I liked the colours and fonts of the books and the angle they were stacked.

Inspiration in books


These vintage shoes looked like they were just waiting to be embroidered.

Inspiration in old shoes

Cracking Bakelite was inspiring a new wet felt project or a piece of embroidery..

Inspiration in Bakelite

Shape and Form

The orientation of pieces can hold inspiration or offer different ways to display work, for example, hanging from the ceiling.

Inspiration in lamps
Or being mounted on a wall.
Inspiration in old boots
These bundled up and scattered cards left me thinking.
Inspiration in cards


Wandering around

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places. A wander around this shop had sparked one or two new ideas for pieces and ways of displaying them too.

Are you a regular to vintage shops? What do you have a weakness for? Share your thoughts below.

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