Not what I expected to find….

I’m not quiet sure what I expected to find when I started a recent up-cycling project.

This vintage manicure box had had a fabric lined interior that had seen better days. I loved the shape of the box and it’s faux snake skin outer decoration. It wasn’t until I started removing the lining, that I discovered a secret that had hidden since 1935.

newspaper that had been hidden since 1935.

newspaper that had been hidden since 1935.

A former ‘manicure set’ case had the Katie treatment

New button box

I removed the original lining and found a vintage newspaper hiding behind the lid.

After re-lining it with paper, I re-glued the newsprint. I think it’s Dutch, and dates from 1935. If anyone can translate it, please let me know.

It now lives back in the box, in the lid where it came from. I can admire it every time I rummage for a vintage button – and all because I couldn’t resist this 50p box in a charity shop!

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