Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Some of my latest vintage finds - this time it's blankets!!!!

My travels this week unearthed some of the most gorgeous Welsh Tapestry Wool blankets and a rare green and black 4 Point Witney Early's Wool Blanket - which were traditionally traded with the Hudson Bay Company. My family think I am a bit potty. They cannot understand how I can get giddy over such things as textiles, but I can't help myself.... All I know is that I am a very happy  bunny in my slightly puddled textile bubble.
4 Point Witney Early's Wool Blanket

Welsh Tapestry Wool blankets


  1. Hello from Canada - where we're expecting a massive snow storm tomorrow - just days after the official first day of Spring. My mother always said; "Don't complain about the weather, without it, 98% of people couldn't start a conversation!"

    I'd like to know a bit about 'your travels' - is this a hobby of yours? - traveling about, digging into antique stores, etc. to find blankets? As a child I remember 100% wool blankets, bound in satin - sold through a local retailer, but those days are long gone. It is rare to find such a blanket these days, and rarer still that one could afford its price.

  2. Thank you for the post :)
    .....I have a slight addiction - I can't stop hunting in charity/thrift//junk/vintage shops. My eye is drawn to anything that has a story to tell, has been well used or has a nostalgic colour from my youth.... I was born in the late 60's so anything 1970's or earlier (like the sort of things my Grandparents used to have) usually comes home with me. I have fond memories of the many heavy wool blankets on my own bed and the stripes or satin edges they had....Very comforting. Nowadays I use these finds in my textile and mixed media work. The collection of textiles I inherited from Arnold last year, are a constant joy. I have only scratched the surface of what potential they hold. My aim is to reorganise my sewing room so I have easy access to them for inspiration..... watch this space ! Thank you again for reading my blog :)


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