Using My Mum’s Vintage Speedweve.

I remember playing with a Speedweve as a child. Pushing the links to and fro and not quite knowing what it was really used for.

Mum’s Sewing Box

Each time I visit my mum, she gives me more and more sewing bits n bobs that she’s found in her cupboards.

Last year she gave me her red sewing box, which was a joy to clean  and to see it come to life again. She also gave me her old Speedweve also  known as Lancashire’s Smallest Loom.

Playing with a Speedweve

A recent challenge from my local branch of the Embroiderers Guild gave me the perfect opportunity to use it.  Continue reading “Using My Mum’s Vintage Speedweve.”

Decorate with Buttons – What a surprise !

How do you decorate your walls?

A Bit Bonkers

On a recent trip to town I discovered a yummy shop with some wonderful ideas for decor.
I just wanted to take these gorgeous buttons home with me.
Unfortunately they were glued down so all I could do was drool over them.
The assistants thought I was a bit bonkers.
decorate with buttons
This was just a small section of a decorated room divide in a London shop that that I adored.

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