A Patchwork Quilt Revisited

My home is full to bursting with a patchwork quilt or two.

I’ve been a patchwork and quilter for over twenty years.  There are so many projects stashed away in my home that I sometimes forget just what I’ve made.

Scrappy Patchwork Quilt

If you’ve ever meet an avid patch-worker, you’ll probably know that somewhere in their home, lives the biggest pile of large bed quilts you can possibly imagine.

Well it’s the same in my home.

For over ten years, I worked in a Patchwork and Quilting shop, making quilt samples for the shop and samples for my own workshops too. Hence, my ‘pile’ is slightly bigger than most.

patchwork quilt made my Catherine Hill from Arnold's Attic

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The Fashion and Textile Museum – Dressmaking Workshop

Dressmaking scares me quite a lot. It harks back to school and failing miserable to make an A-line skirt.
So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from an expert.

Dressmaking at the Museum

I had the best of times at the  Fashion & Textiles Museum, London.

The ‘Pattern making on a Mannequin’ Workshop. was led by pattern designer Theresa Hewlett who has worked on the garments from Strictly Come Dancing.

The aim of the day was to learn how to make a bodice shape with calico and then transfer it onto paper to make patterns to fit my own figure. Continue reading “The Fashion and Textile Museum – Dressmaking Workshop”

Horrocks @ The Fashion & Textile Museum – Part 2

There was so much to share from my visit to the Horrocks Exhibition.

This is a follow on to a previous post showcasing the stunning dresses from the collection.

Horrocks, Textiles and Print

After World War 2, the demand for colourful textiles prints was such, that leading artists and illustrators, including Warhol, Joan Miro and Picasso, were approached to create textile versions of their art.

The garments and prints are delightful – if you get a opportunity to visit the exhibition at The Fashion & Textile Museum then jump at the chance.

Some of the textiles started life as art work,  before being transformed into printed cloth.

Please excuse the dark images – it was very dimly lit.



Horrocks fabric - warhol

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