Fox Flannel Archive – fabric manufactured during WW1

The Fox Flannel archive, recognised as ‘the most significant textile company archive in the British Isles’ by the County Heritage Officer in 2010, includes over 400 volumes containing business documents and samples dating back to the company’s first year of trading.
The Fox Flannel Archive from Fox Brothers & Co Ltd

The Fox Archive from Fox Brothers & Co Ltd

This note in the archive is a document detailing the materials supplied by Fox Brothers during WW1 (1914-1918). A scan of the original document detailing the order is available for you to view on this page and shows that Fox Brothers supplied a total of over 8,000 miles of cloth to the British and Allied governments, using 10,000 tons or 900 trucks of wool…… I gasp to think of what it took to produce this amount of cloth – noisy machines and the huge workforce of women doing war work.

Invitation To The Algorithm Isles – Prick Your Finger

Invitation To The Algorithm Isles – Prick Your Finger


You are invited to the
Launch of
The Algorithm Isles
the first in a series of
‘Pi in needle lace’ by Fleur Oakes 2014
Art Lovers Guides to Tax Havens
Thursday March 20th
7 – 9 pm
Prick Your Finger
260 Globe Road E2 0JD
‘Money Making wizard’ by Celia Ward
with contributions from
Fleur Oakes, Rachael Matthews, Sonia Tuttiett & Celia Ward
with masterworks brought up from the vaults between
20 March to 23 April