Monday, 22 September 2014

MODA - Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture

Over the summer The Museum of Domestic Art and Arcitecture (MODA) in London, offered a rare opportunity for the public to view their exclusive collections... which include the work of the design house Silver Studios (1880-1963), Crown wallpapers' archive, vintage textiles and selections of vintage magazines and journals. The MODA collection includes lots of other goodies, but I was particularly taken with the vintage hand cut, Japanese Katagami mulberry paper stencils used in making indigo dyed fabric for kimonos.

Here is a flavour of the day.

Large tables for viewing the collections
MODA Archive
MODA Archive
MODA Archive

Hand cut, Japanese Katagami mulberry paper stencils

They are so fine

Here are a few pages from the wonderfully colourful vintage magazines in the collection

Had to share this!

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