The Festival of Quilts 2014 – Part One – The Atmosphere of the Show

The Festival of Quilts 2014 was bigger than ever. To see everything in the show you really need a day and a half or even two to do it thoroughly – I only had a day, which meant lots of fast walking was on the cards.

These are some photos that share the show’s atmosphere, starting with shopping, then lunch, exhibitions and quilts, demonstrations and finally a last look at the quilts before leaving. I had a wonderful day.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons for visiting the Show is for a little retail therapy!

The shopping alone takes the best part of half a day and then there are the quilts, exhibitions and demonstrations which take up the rest of the time – and at some point I had to eat too!

The Festival of Quilts 2014 shopping
I started shopping as soon as the doors opened – it started off quiet and soon filled up!

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A Patchwork Quilt Revisited

My home is full to bursting with a patchwork quilt or two.

I’ve been a patchwork and quilter for over twenty years.  There are so many projects stashed away in my home that I sometimes forget just what I’ve made.

Scrappy Patchwork Quilt

If you’ve ever meet an avid patch-worker, you’ll probably know that somewhere in their home, lives the biggest pile of large bed quilts you can possibly imagine.

Well it’s the same in my home.

For over ten years, I worked in a Patchwork and Quilting shop, making quilt samples for the shop and samples for my own workshops too. Hence, my ‘pile’ is slightly bigger than most.

patchwork quilt made my Catherine Hill from Arnold's Attic

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Frugal to the last piece of fabric…..

Certain decades are associated with the frugal use of fabric.

I am hopelessly drawn to outrageous colours and patterns. So I had to share with you some photos from a recent event I attended. The fabrics are from the 1930’s but they have quality that still holds artistic value today, many years later.

American Depression Era Quilts were made in the most desperate of times when money was short, textiles were expensive and frugality was the name of the game.

Although it was a time money was short, colour was king….. anytime there is a depression, colour is turned up a notch or two!

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