Good Grub

I’m pleased to announce that Good Grub is part of the Embroiderers’ Guild 2024 Members Challenge ‘Opposites Attract’.

My first thought on hearing the challenge theme was ‘sweet and savoury’ and of course that meant hand embroidering a recipe or two.

Good Grub
Good Grub

Each design revolves around a memory growing up in Lancashire in the 1970’s. 

My childhood was full of tasty, sweet and savoury, home cooked grub. A good food day was having one of my favourites for lunch, Manchester Tart – a batch-cooked school pudding, filled with bananas and jam – followed by Mum’s Lancashire Hotpot for tea.

The work was hand embroidered with vintage Sylko threads in backstitch, couching and seed stitch. The edges are turned under and topstitched.

I’m delighted with the response I’ve receive so far from fellow stitchers.

The work has prompted others to share their own warm memories of Manchester Tart and Lancashire Hotpot.