Meet the Artist – Louise Mabbs

A little textile inspiration from my YouTube Textile Collection. Today it features the work of Louise Mabbs. Louise uses Mathematical principles to design and construct her bold geometric, colourful art quilts. In this video she explains the concepts and design theories behind these pieces.

Louise’s embroideries are inspired by her home near the sea – sunset walks along the coast, beach huts, wind mills and her love of the landscape. Filmed at The Festival of Quilts 2019.

“Secret Messages” Bletchley Park Quilt Exhibiton 2012 – Enigma

For those in the know, Bletchley Park needs no explaining…..

For those who have yet to discover it, Bletchley Park (or Station X) was the hub of the British decoding and cipher unit in WW2 and it was here that the mathematical brains of many including the brilliant and gifted Alan Turing solved the puzzle of the German Enigma Machine and developed the first computer – Colossos.
I am a huge history buff and bore my family senseless with the facts and figures of historical events – it all fascinates me, particularly how one event leads and merges with another and why one occurrence is the catalyst to another larger event.

In 2012, Bletchley Park hosted a quilt exhibition – the theme was “Secret Messages” – celebrating Station X and the 100th anniversary of Turing’s birth. Anyone could submit work to the exhibition ….. so I did…..

This piece was inspired by the secret documentation used in operations and planning for the D-Day landings on 6th June 1944 – the ticker-tape design is taken from one used to feed into Colossos. The mathematical formula is part of Turing’s work in solving Enigma. The Union Flag was foundation pieced and formed the starting point of the design.
The piece was a joy to make – lots of surface design and messing about. I wanted it to look like a well used document….. Made using Irish Linen, the pillowcase method, top stitched edges by hand with no binding….. this is how I made it….. I wanted it to look like an old document.


A foundation pieced Union Flag was the starting point to the piece.
Turing’s mathematical formula
Bigot – is higher than Most Secret; ticker-tape from Collossos
‘ Operations ‘ that made D-Day possible.
The finished piece

Invitation To The Algorithm Isles – Prick Your Finger

Invitation To The Algorithm Isles – Prick Your Finger


You are invited to the
Launch of
The Algorithm Isles
the first in a series of
‘Pi in needle lace’ by Fleur Oakes 2014
Art Lovers Guides to Tax Havens
Thursday March 20th
7 – 9 pm
Prick Your Finger
260 Globe Road E2 0JD
‘Money Making wizard’ by Celia Ward
with contributions from
Fleur Oakes, Rachael Matthews, Sonia Tuttiett & Celia Ward
with masterworks brought up from the vaults between
20 March to 23 April