Empty Nest

My latest piece Empty Nest is a change from my usual style. The idea started with a search through my vintage collection for suitable materials. Vintage bandages have a wonderful weave and were perfect for this project.

Gathering materials
Gathering materials

Vintage ‘white open wove’ bandage was layered, distressed and hand darned. Next came the scary bit – cutting into the stitches with some very sharp scissors.

Work in Progress
ork in Progress

The incision is repaired with a Cushing Suture stitched in vintage Sylko thread.

Empty Nest - completed
Empty Nest – completed

Size is 5 x 5 cm, hand stitched and hand darned. Features vintage ‘white open wove’ bandage, Madeira thread and vintage Sylko thread. Hand embroidered and hand darned.

The artwork: “It seems like only yesterday I held my newborn baby in my arms.” The rhythms of life and the status that motherhood brings come to a sudden end once the child leaves home and for some women ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ occurs during menopause. Many women, including working mothers, go through emotions such as grief, anxiety and loss, feel redundant and challenge their sense of purpose and self-worth – feelings that can last up to 2 years as mothers adjust from the role of ‘mum’ and rediscover their own identity. Empty Nest Syndrome can affect both parents.


The piece has been accepted into the House of SmallsScar‘ dollhouse exhibition.

Scar exhibition poster
Scar exhibition - Artworks
Scar exhibition – Artworks
Scar exhibition - Artwork
Scar exhibition – Artwork