Summer 76

red hand embroidery - words sharig memories of the drought of 1976

Summer 76 is my latest hand embroidery created about my childhood memories.

red hand embroidery - words sharing memories of Summer 76
Summer 76

Who remembers the summer of 1976?

When I first started designing the piece my intentions were to share a vivid childhood memory from the hottest summer of the ‘70’s. By the time I was stitching it, I saw the work in a different way.

red hand embroidery - words sharig memories of the drought of 1976

Looking back on it now the signs of Global Warming were there for all to see.

I was 7 years old at the time. To me it was a summer of sun, fun and standpipes. I was oblivious to the water crisis growing all around me resulting in the Drought Act on 6th August 1976 – creating emergency powers to reduce or turn off domestic and industrial water supplies.

Size 21 x 21cm. Hand embroidered, hand stitched. Vintage Sylko thread, cotton cloth.

This piece forms part of a body of work about my Lancashire roots.

Stitch Magazine Issue 134

In Stitch Magazine Issue 134, on page 44, you’ll discover a brilliant article by editor Kat McDonnell featuring the winning artworks in the Embroiderers’ Guild Members’ Challenge 2021 – ‘Exquisite Containers’.

Here’s a sneak peek inside.

Stitch Magazine Issue 134
Matchbox Challenge
Exquisite containers article in stitch magazine
Exquisite Containers Article

Let the new issue of Stitch brighten your days with beautiful embroidery. Enjoy all sorts of different takes and exciting makes to kick-start your stitching mojo over the winter months. Get your copy here:

Stitch Magazine Issue 134
Stitch Magazine Issue 134

When this embroidery was completed in early 2021, Lockdown was in place, and the Guild had put any thoughts of exhibiting the artworks on the back burner. Since then, the collection of ‘Exquisite Container’ artworks has been on public display at the London and Harrogate, Knitting and Stitching Shows.

One Red Thread 2021

The final stitch

I’m pleased to announce that Resilience will be exhibiting in the One Red Thread 2021 Exhibition in Australia. The exhibition takes place at Jervis Bay Maritime Museum & Gallery in New South Wales, 4th December 2021 – 13th February 2022.

One Red Thread 2021 exhibition poster featuring textile images and dates for the Australian exhibtiion venue - Jervis Bay maritime Museum in new south wales
One Red Thread 2021 Exhibition Poster

The piece shows a Lancastrian weaving shuttle in a Cotton Weavers hand. 

Size 24 x 24 cm. Central panel 21 x 21 cm, hand embroidered and hand stitched with vintage Sylko thread. Hand and Shuttle: Eco-leaf printed vintage Lancashire cotton cloth. Vintage Sylko thread. Outer border:  Linen, surface designed with bleach and discharge paste. Vintage Sylko thread. Designed and hand stitched in three weeks.

hand embrodery of a hand holding a weaving shuttle - Resilience part of One Red Thread 2021
Hand embroidered words around the artwork
Hand embroidered words around the artwork

Elizabeth Dubbelde of Berry Quilting set the challenge for embroiderers and textile artists to create a work under the theme EmpoweRED.
‘What can I do to make a stand about injustices, to raise my voice in protest? Hence “Empowered” gives us an opportunity through art textiles to raise our voices to show solidarity & support to victims of sexual assault. I urge you to raise your voice by creating a piece of work that relates to the theme of Empowered.’ Elizabeth Dubbeld, One Red Thread 2021.

Resilience is part of a body of work featuring Lancashire dialect.

Update February 2022: The exhibition is on the next stage of its tour in Australia.