Sylko Addict

Sylko Addict - hand embroidered art

Sylko Addict is my latest artwork featuring hand stitched text – I have a real weakness for vintage cotton reels.

I adore the jewel like colours and can’t resist buying them wherever I go. There is however one particular brand that I’m slightly addicted to acquiring and that’s Sylko by Dewhurst.  I have shelves and boxes full of both the small, medium and large reels.

Sylko Addict hand embroidered art
Sylko Addict

This artwork shares my Sylko Addiction and why I adore them so much – it started as a collection of thoughts and slowly grew into a poem. Hand stitched text. Cotton cloth, vintage Sylko red thread.

hand embroidered art
Hand embroidered art

I really must think of a name for this collection of square text embroideries – any suggestions?


I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been invited to exhibit Sylko Addict in the ‘Stitch by Stitch Textile Collective’ – “An exhibition for established and emerging textile artists working with stitch, fabric and mixed media” – at the Willow Gallery, 56 Willow Street, Oswestry, SY11 1AD; Saturday 1st July – Saturday 19th August 2023.