Frugal to the last piece of fabric…..

Certain decades are associated with the frugal use of fabric.

I am hopelessly drawn to outrageous colours and patterns. So I had to share with you some photos from a recent event I attended. The fabrics are from the 1930’s but they have quality that still holds artistic value today, many years later.

American Depression Era Quilts were made in the most desperate of times when money was short, textiles were expensive and frugality was the name of the game.

Although it was a time money was short, colour was king….. anytime there is a depression, colour is turned up a notch or two!

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My favourite stalls from the Selvedge Easter Fair 2014

A visit to the Selvedge Easter Fair is the perfect kick start to Spring, and also a super excuse for a girls day out in London.


This is just some of the magical work of Alix Swan from Little Bits of Printy Things, her work is ‘inspired by stories, rhymes and sayings’ .

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Selvedge easter fair - Alix Swan

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