How I use some of my vintage finds.

Here are just a few uses for some of my vintage finds.


I’m part of a Quilting group who’s 2014 group challenge was to make a table runner . The deadline is next month. Luckily one of those UFO’s (Un-Finished Objects) in my stash was a table runner. It’s already been four years in the making – I just had to finish it off.

The only thing I needed to do was add embellishments, binding and a sleeve to give the option of hanging it up…. and a label of course.

Vintage Finds from my Stash

The runner was made from brand new Moda fabric, which I very rarely use these days. My stash is mainly full of vintage and pre-worn…. but I did find a way to combine my new stash with my old.

An old table napkin was used to make the sleeve and the label. Some old red and well worn buttons were a perfect match for the red of the holly berries….more from this runner project in the future.

vintage finds - red buttons
Selection of vintage red buttons, all sizes and ages waiting to be chosen


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My latest vintage finds – blankets!

Yet more yummy Vintage finds, this time vintage blankets.

Vintage Blankets

My travels this week unearthed some of the most gorgeous Welsh Tapestry Wool blankets and a rare green and black 4 Point Witney Early’s Wool Blanket – which were traditionally traded with the Hudson Bay Company.

My family think I am a bit potty. They cannot understand how I can get giddy over such things as textiles, but I can’t help myself…. All I know is that I am a very happy bunny in my slightly puddled textile bubble.

vintage blanket - 4 Point Witney Early's Wool Blanket
4 Point Witney Early’s Wool Blanket

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