I do love Vintage Blankets – but, when is one blanket a blanket too many? When you can’t find the floor!

Last week I was in a bit of a quandary about my sewing room – how much floor space do I really need for walking on and how much do I need for storing (or rather piling things) onto. All my cupboards and surfaces are already full of  ‘resources’ and PhD’s (Projects half done). I think you know what I mean.
I have a terrible weakness for vintage blankets. I love their textures, colours, stripes and most of all their labels.
BUT – I had to be realistic and have a sort out. I needed to reclaim back some of my sewing room floor from my encroaching stash! There are lots of projects I have in mind that I would like to complete over winter and I really do need some space. So… here are some of the treasures I have found new homes for.