Sabine Kaner – Meet the Artist

A little textile inspiration from my YouTube Textile Collection. Today it features textile art by artist Sabine Kaner.

Sabine has a stash of old knitted garments and wool yarn, that she uses as the base for her textile art. The garments are discarded family jumpers or sourced from charity shops.

She uses her own life experiences to create her work. Each piece tells a story.

Sabine is a member of Prism and the The Society for Embroidered Work

Images courtesy:

image showing five shapes of long gloves - textile art created from old jumpers.
Reunion-Unity by Sabine Kaner
Sabine Kaner standing in front of her work
Sabine in her studio
Greensleeves. image showing showing the sleeve from a green jumper embroidered in multicoloured shapes
Blended Stitches. image showing parts of a purple jumper and embroidery - textile art created from old jumpers.
Blended Stitches

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