Hand Embroidery Samples 1 …. Fly Stitch

Last year I started a Hand Embroidery course. Having dabbled in embroidery over the years (mainly self taught), I thought it was time I learned how to embroider ‘properly’.
My main reason for taking part, was that the course encouraged students to experiment with lots of different fabrics and threads – think outside the box – and decide for themselves the pros and cons of each in their own work. Which means lots of playing for me!
For each stitch, I completed one of more experimental samples.

Experimental Sample – Fly Stitch on hand dyed wool blanket

In addition to these samples I created more refined samples, using Irish Linen, for a lovely journal of needlework I am compiling (from Pink Pig in Huddersfield) – I love their books!  Here is the first journal sample – Fly Stitch – created using threads including hand dyed linen, DMC stranded embroidery thread, imitation silk, Appleton Crewel wool and hand dyed extra fine silk.

Fly Stitch on Irish Linen for Journal

Experimental pieces below were completed on a Silk woven fabric. The threads used included hemp, wool, DMC stranded Embroidery thread and Sylko 50 weight sewing thread. I thoroughly enjoyed being given ‘permission’ to mess about with fabric and thread and learnt a great deal in the process.
Experimental Sample – Fly Stitch on woven silk
Fly Stitch on woven silk

Each finished sample has been stitched onto Elephant Dung paper from Frogmore Paper Mill and annotated with any comments I have about the sample – threads and fabric used; what I liked and disliked about them; any conclusions; what I found out.


Experimental sample is stitch mounted onto the Elephant Dung Paper