Contact Magazine July 2021

In Contact Magazine July 2021 you’ll discover an article sharing the story behind the name ‘Arnold’s Attic’. This digital magazine is the latest publication by the UK Embroiderers’ Guild. If fancy a quick peek, I’ve added a snippet below for you to read.

A copy of the Contact Magazine article
Snapshot of the Contact Magazine article

“Catherine’s use of the name ‘Arnolds Attic’ came about after a chance opportunity to acquire a large collection of vintage haberdashery, cloth and ephemera from a friend of her aunt who was clearing out his house.  The family had worked in the Lancashire textile mills for generations and as his mother had been an avid collector of fabrics her entire life, the collection was varied and substantial.  To honour the memory of this kind gift which moved Catherine from being a keen hobbyist to a passionate explorer and experimenter, she called it after the man and where the collection had been stored – Arnold’s Attic. “

The collection has inspired and appears in many of the works produced over the years and continues to provide a rich kaleidoscope of ideas, source materials and challenges when coupled with Catherine’s memories and heritage of growing up in Lancashire. Catherine began to focus on pieces with this common thread and exhibitions to showcase these to educate and inform about the many aspects of this important era and her childhood growing up in the now declining industries. In more recent years, Catherine has sought to perfect a style of ‘handwriting’ stitching in her signature red thread (a lot sourced from the collection) and use this to narrate stories to conjure images and emotions and fire the imagination.

Contact /magazine July 2021

The Guild contacted me earlier this year asking me to take part in the series ‘A-Z of Artists’. It’s an honour to share my work alongside some amazing textile artists. The artworks appearing in the article are Matchbox Challenge and Time for Tea, which I created under the name of Catherine Hill Textile Artist.

Contact Magazine – I’ve an article in the new edition!

Members of the Embroiderers’ Guild will have just received their January copy of Contact Magazine.

At the Knitting and Stitching Show 2019 in Alexandra Palace, I got chatting to Anthea Godfrey and Pat Tempest. They were very interested in my pieces and asked me to write an article for the Magazine. It’s just been published!

I talk about a creative journey in 2019, through my Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition pieces – “Take Time to Smell the Roses” and “Lancashire Cheese and Onion Pie”, and also my the piece I exhibited at The Festival of Quilts – “The First Day in the Mill”.

It features a photo of “Time for Tea”

Embroiderers' Guild Contact Magazine - January 2010 edition
Embroiderers’ Guild Contact Magazine – January 2010 edition

Thank you to the Guild for sharing my work. I hope I’ve inspire others to gave a go and exhibit their embroidery.