Joe Cunningham – Meet the Artist

Joe Cunningham has been a professional quilter for 44 years and has written a dozen books, many magazine articles, museum catalogue essays and papers on the subject of quilts. He has lectured at museums, universities and for quilt guilds and conferences internationally. 

Join Joe as he shares his work inspired by his love of traditional quilts.

Joe Cunningham: 

Quilt by Joe Cunningham.
Quilt by Joe Cunningham.

“After many years spent studying, copying and imitating 19th century quilts and quilt styles, I made the decision to create my own style. While these quilts seem to be foreign to the common ideas of the tradition, it was my studies of the tradition that showed me how to create freely and in my own abstract language”. His quilts can be found in major museums in the US and in many private collections.

Quilt by Joe Cunningham.
Quilt by Joe Cunningham.

Filmed at the Festival of Quilts 2023

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